When you know it doesn't work but you are too scared

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When you know it doesn't work but you are too scared of letting go of familiar things。在博客园的七个关于令人细思极恐的影片里见到众多人答万能钥匙,所以搜索来看看,时断时续用零碎的时刻看了两日。
it doesn't work if you don't believe.

This movie touches me. I hadn't expected this while I was watching it. And when the movie finished, I felt sad, lost, and was thinking about what this movie inspired me. I thought about life, Henry's life, and our lives.
Henry can time travel. We can not.
Henry can not change the pass. We can not either.
Henry can hardly figure out when he will time travel and where he is going when time travel happens. We don't know where we are going in our future life either.
Henry just can follow the stream of his life at LIFE's will, which seems to be called "Destiny". Yep, DESTINY. In front of destiny, what can we do? Maybe we can only live our lives with a best mood and a most beautiful smile.
Life is limited. Whether you can time travel or not, you have a limited time in your life. Every second counts. Cherish your time, cherish your family, cherish your life.

  It's a movie talking about a man 's changing,from a bisnessman to a real human,save one person and save the wrold .I cryed at the end of it ,for the humanity,for the livies,for the realcharming of a man.That's power,to live not for himself,but for the people around ,for the world around.What do you think?

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