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韦德国际,Quotes。you know what francis said to me when he proposed? i remember his exact words

「God sure was dressing the wrong doll when he blessed you with a set of balls. Look, it's one thing for me not to like you but why can't you be a better friend to yourself?」

「In this world, only the fit survive. The weak get crushed like insects.」

「The whole being greater than the sum of its parts.」

he said, clair, if all you want is happiness, say no
i am not gonna give you a couple of kids, and count the days until retirement, i promise your freedom from that, i promise you will never be bored
you know he was the only man... and there were a lot of others that proposed...but he was the only one who understood me
he didn't put me on some pedal stools, he knew that i didn't want to be adored or cuddled,
so he took my hand and put a ring on it, because he knew that i would say yes

「I met somebody, who's been very kind to me. And, I'd like to repay that debt. But, I need help. Please?」

「David, my boy. It's a terrible thing to hate your father. You know, life is cruel, but... but music... music, it will always... always be your friend. Everything else will let you down. In the end, everything, believe me, everything. Don't hate me. Life is cruel. But you have... you have to... you have to survive. You have to survive. No one... will love you like me. You can't trust anyone. But I will always... be there. I will always be with you. Forever and ever.」

「It's about honesty. Sometimes a little discomfort in the beginning can save a whole lot of pain down the road.」